2013 black friday shopping guide part 5: Online Shopping

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Online Shopping Advantages

1. Larger selection / inventory

The best part of online shopping on Black Friday is that you have access to all products offered by the store again and again. While some companies only offer deals in the business, the number of excess on their website products usually far this number. In addition, stores actually offer “online only ” sales, which are not commercially available. The biggest advantage of you if you have a large hard dollar or percentage discount store. Before you can access all articles on the website of the shop and literally create your own Black Friday deal. Another common problem is that the traditional shops are places several times in order to sell products. Although this is still likely to occur online, it is a much rarer phenomenon.

2. More Stores

With traditional Black Friday shopping you must select a store and come early in the morning. If you have one of the first lucky, you get the sale, you had hoped. Unfortunately, this does not have much time to do the other stores come and get their best deals because they leave already left . Shopping online allows you to the website of every single store you are interested in shopping to load. We advise you to make an account before the big day so that you can simply add the desired product to the cart and pay quickly. With this method, you can choose several businesses to time depending on the speed at which you are and if you already know what you want.

3. More effective

There is nothing more effective than online shopping. You do not have to deal with crowds, traffic, pushy sales people , long lines, or any of the other nonsense that comes in person with the shopping. You simply create your store account, put your products into your cart and press the magic command. I speak not know of a product and need more information? You do not need to the nearest worker, who probably knows more than you about the products originate. Do you have clients and editor at your fingertips? You also have the option of the specifications and other technical information that may not read yet in the store. And the best part is that there is absolutely no chance that you’ll be one of the unlucky ones who flocked to other buyers worried.

4. No Sales Tax

Unless you are in one of the few countries where the chances VAT is not needed to live to collect, you have to pay all your purchases in stores on Black Friday. While some consider it only mandatory costs that they cannot get, there is another way. To load Many online retailers still do not, sales or purchase on their website. While some stores ask for your zip code and state and load the correct amount of tax from your state is required, it is not the rule, considering the large number of retailers holding line.

* This number is increased in the past few years, we recommend that you take advantage of no sales tax as you can.

5. Free Shipping

It’s more of a feel “same game” advantage over a real advantage. One of the negative aspects of online shopping in the past on Black Friday is that shipping costs are so high that the discounts have been greatly reduced. This really is a thing of the past, as most stores offer free shipping on all orders and free shipping, if you have a low threshold for total control.

Online-only Deals list:


  • 16gb samsung galaxy tab 3 – $300
  • Intel Core i5-3570K Ivy Bridge 3.4GHz (3.8GHz Turbo) LGA 1155 77W Quad-Core Desktop Processor – $200
  • ASUS Zenbook Prime UX32VD-DS72 – $950
  • PNY 32GB USB 2.0 flash drive – $13


  • Dell XPS 8700 desktop computer – $686
  • 55-inch LG 1080p smart LED TV + $200 dell gift card – $850
  • Jabra Solemate Mini bluetooth speaker – $80
  • Inspiron 15 laptop computer – $490


From now until November 30, 2013, ThinkGeek is offering 20% off any order over $40 dollars(thinkgeek coupon). If you’re looking for something quirky, nerdy, geeky, freaky, or just downright weird, this is the place to go.


In an effort to keep ahead of the pack, Amazon is rolling out its Black Friday deals a week early this year. Look for discounts on practically everything starting Friday, November 22.


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